Our statistics

How we are doing
statistically speaking.

We pride ourselves on providing the services we deliver, and are always striving to better our performance in order to further reduce the strain on other services across the region.

We currently boast a significantly lower rate of placements endings than any other comparable organisation, and are in constant contact with service providers to expand our reach and help as many people experiencing hardship as we can.

While our statistics thus far speak for themselves, there is no limit to our ambition when it comes to assisting as many people as possible, in the best way possible, for as long as it takes.

*Statistics published are correct as of April 2021. For current statistics please contact us directly at info@howarthhousing.com.

No. of clients placed

No. of families placed

Clients moved on to permanent residences

Residents on offer

Currently active projects

Food parcels provided

Assaults on staff/residents

No. of recurrent homeless