Temporary &
Emergency Accomodation

Providing a safe and secure place for those in need.

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Local Authorities can use our online referral system. If you are not registered, please call our office to be added.

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If you would prefer to speak with a member of our team then please call us during office hours.


Emergency, temporary, and supported accommodation for the vulnerable and homeless.

Our primary goal is to provide a safe and secure place for those in need, and to ensure that our clients recieve all of the help and support they need to move on to a permanent residence.

We work with the Local Authorities, Housing Associations, Charities, Support Groups, and Private Landlords, amongst others.

Some of the
organisations we work with.

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By working closely with Local Authorities we are able to provide a service not previously seen in the Manchester region, by placing clients in self-contained properties, having undergone thorough risk management and safeguarding procedures, we allow those placed with us to experience a sense of normality in their time of need.

It is our view that the personal approach is the best way to ensure a high success rate. Moving clients in to permanent residences by allowing them the opportunity to reacquaint themselves with domestic life again, a factor which when ignored contributes strongly to the failure of permanent placements following long periods of homelessness.

Everybody deserves a home regardless of their circumstances, and through our work we are happy to be able to make a difference.

In recent times homelessness has reached record levels across the whole of the UK, with over 300,000 without permanent housing as of 2019.

With unemployment also at high levels the issue of homelessness and rough sleeping has never been more crucial to tackle than it is today.

We offer extensive in house support
for those placed in accomodation with us.

Staff are available 24/7

All our projects and accommodation have dedicated staff 24/7.

Help with benefit applications

We take the time to help all our residents fill in their benefit applications.

Money & food management advice

It’s important that we help to provide the skills needed for both money and food management.

Liaising with other agencies on our clients behalf

We help to put our clients in touch with other agencies and get the best support.

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