Our methods

Our referral procedure, funding sources
and risk management procedures.

Referral Procedure & Funding Sources

Our placements are charged using a few different methods. We have Nightly paid, EHB (Enhanced Housing benefit) and Client contribution.

We work directly with Local authority and Housing benefit exclusively but unfortunately we are not able to accept referrals from 3rd party providers at this time.

This method removed the risk presented by void periods common to other block-booking formats used by other accommodation providers, as the placement is only funded for its occupied period and there are no additional charges to the local authorities, housing associations, or the person being placed.

We operate two distinct funding models. Nightly Paid and EHB (Enhanced Housing Benefit) We are able to offer EHB for both temporary supported and move on supported accommodation however Nightly paid is for Temporary and emergency accommodation only. Those on nightly paid still have access to staff 24/7 however they do not benefit from a full Personal Development Plan.

If you are in an area that we do not currently operate in but would like to speak to us about a new project then please feel free to give us a call to discuss your requirements.

Should an out of area (such as a legacy JSA area) be referred to us then a new claim for UC must be submitted by or on behalf of the resident.

Risk Management Procedure

We currently operate 16 separate projects across Greater Manchester and again only the larger ones have 24/7 staff on site, the rest benefit from visiting staff daily and have night security. 

Each referral case is assessed on a case by case basis but this is a brief outline of our risk management procedure would be:

  • Local authority submit a referral through our online portal
  • Risk assessment is carried out by support staff
  • Social services, probation, police, NHs and other 3rd party agencies are contacted for further info 
  • Dynamic risk assessment for the project is carried out to ensure that there are no additional risk to residents already placed
  • Referral either accepted or rejected

Each resident is allocated a key worker that they will work directly with regardless if they are in a supported accommodation project or a temporary accommodation project and they will work with them for their entire stay.